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Best iPhone Apps for Mobile Writing


Like most parents I know, it’s hard to find a solid block of time without interruption to do anything. Also like most parents I know, I’ve become adept at being productive in small pockets of time and managing the constant stop-and-go of my workflow.

This is the case for all of the work I do, writing included. In fact, I probably write first drafts on my iPhone for more than half of the posts and articles I publish.

There are hundreds of apps for writers, but here are five I use to turn my iPhone into a mobile writing machine.


I use the Dictionary app primarily for the Thesaurus feature; with 90,000 synonyms and antonyms, I usually find what I need. The app also features an expansive dictionary, audio pronunciations, and similarly spelled words, which are all features that can be useful for writers.


I use Evernote as my idea database. I currently have over 200 post/article ideas that are organized by notebooks and tags. The iPhone app is so good that I often write directly in the note, without a word processor. Everything automatically syncs with my desktop copy of Evernote, so I can literally write a few sentences on my iPhone, then jump over to my computer and pick it up in seconds.


Evernote doesn’t always work when I need access to special formatting or have a lot of content. From my iPhone, I create, view and edit Microsoft Word-compatible documents with Office². It also integrates with Google Docs and MobileMe iDisk so I can access and sync documents really easily.

Word Count

One feature that both Evernote and Office² lack is a word count tool. If you do any kind of freelance writing, you know how important it is to know the number of words in each article. I just copy and paste my content into Word Count, and it will tell me how many words, characters, lines and paragraphs I’ve created.


If you have a WordPress blog, you definitely need the WordPress iPhone app. I use it to manage and reply to comments on a daily basis. You can, of course, create and edits posts on your blog, and upload photos, too. It’s a very useful app for streamlining the entire blog management process and staying connected when you’re away from your computer.

What apps do you have that make your smartphone a lean, mean writing machine?

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